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Game Description

Strategies Core is an online multiplayer MOBA shooter io game dependent on a RTS game called Strike Tactics.

Take to the war zone with a huge determination of incredible units which level up and redesign dependent on the quantity of murders you get. Modern float tanks, aircraft, and warrior planes. Start as a fundamental unit like the Javelin (big guns) or the Manta (air warrior). Increment your murder tally to open further developed units like the Harpy and Gladiator. Get considerably more executes to open the super units like the gigantic flying warship and the Ion Cannon!

Each group begins with a limited number of gracefully. At the point when you murder an adversary unit, another foe unit produces in its place and the flexibly ticker for the foe group goes down. When the gracefully arrives at 0, all bases guards detonate and the Command Center is powerless. Work as a group to decimate the foe Command Center before the adversary annihilates yours!

Strategies Core used to be called STBA.io, which means “Strike Tactics Battle Arena” and is the official side project of the program RTS, Strike Tactics.

Strategies Core is an online multiplayer MOBA shooter io game based off the RTS game, Strike Tactics.


Most units use WASD development. Airplane that don’t float, similar to the Peregrine and plane, move where you point the cursor. A few units, similar to the Gladiator, have substitute firearms which discharge with right-click, yet most units simply have essential weapons which shoot with left-click. Practically all units have at any rate one capacity which is hotkeyed to the number keys. Zoom with the mouse wheel.


Attempt to remain alive to the extent that this would be possible so you can step up. Change to all the more remarkable units when you’ve arrived at a sufficiently high slaughter check. Be careful about your Command Center’s wellbeing by taking a gander at the bars in the top center of the screen. On the off chance that your group’s gracefully gets exhausted, return to your Command Center to shield it!