Game Description

Strike Tactics is a pristine RTS game constructed totally in HTML5! With undeniable great RTS mechanics: fabricate your base, reap assets, research innovation, assume responsibility for the guide and wreck your foes!

As of now, there are 3 game modes: standard, endurance and deathmatch. In standard, you begin with a couple of specialist droids and must form a base and economy. Shield your base from foe provocations. Exploration innovation to improve your laborer assortment rates and military unit weaponry. Construct mechs, tanks, gunships and huge flying ships to assume responsibility for the guide!

In endurance, face unlimited influxes of adversary units and attempt to beat your own best score. Bit by bit develop your military by gaining assets from devastating foe units.

Deathmatch resembles a smoothed out adaptation of great RTS. Your base is as of now constructed. No economy the board, the attention is simply on military commitment. From your capacity generators, acquire assets to assemble more units and open all the more impressive ones. Secure them no matter what! In Deathmatch, you can likewise pick up assets by controlling the focal point of the guide. For each unit you have in the inside, you increase a limited quantity of assets after some time. Battle for control of the middle! Deathmatch is a 4-player free-for-all, back-and-forth style game mode!

The most effective method to PLAY STRIKE TACTICS

Toward the start of the game in standard game mode, your war room is consequently constructed and your specialist units will naturally begin to gather assets. There are two kinds of assets in Strike Tactics: carbon and metal. Metal is gathered from mineral plots (yellow square shapes on the smaller than normal guide) and carbon is gathered from trees. While you have a portion of your laborers chose, right snap on a tree or metal plot to start gathering. The laborers will consequently collect the asset and afterward drop it off in the closest war room or storehouse. Fabricate storehouses near asset areas for ideal laborer productivity.

In the early game, you need to begin building carbon-based units which are commonly less expensive. The Bullfrog or Merk from the Mech Factory are acceptable decisions. The Merk is a modest enemy of air unit and the bullfrog is a light ambush mech, great against early game ground.


Scout the adversary base with the scout unit you get on generate. You ought to adjust your technique and unit sythesis dependent on what you see your adversary doing. For instance, if the adversary is constructing all air units, it may be a smart thought to put resources into some enemy of air units like the Merk (from the mech manufacturing plant) or the Weaver (from the tank processing plant).

Continually manufacture more droids to expand the size of your economy. For the most part, the player which has the most droids wins, since that individual can siphon out more units.

Give close consideration to military commitment. Legitimate small scale ing of your units can radically modify the result of fights. Strike Tactics is a material science based RTS, so shots can miss and firearms have pivot speeds. The more you play, the more you will come to comprehend the subtleties of unit development and control. You can truly avoid shots by situating your units adequately!

You needn’t bother with a record or login to play Strike Tactics. Basically click the “discover game” catch to have auto-coordinate with an adversary, or make your own live with the “new game” button.