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Dream Chronicles: The Book of Air

Game Description

Dream Chronicles: The Book of Air is the fourth game in the Dream Chronicles arrangement (and the first of another set of three, as indicated by PlayFirst), and it’s an ideal opportunity to pass the light to the people to come: Faye’s half-pixie girl Lyra, who is currently 18 years of age.

The game starts with Lyra evaporating and returning in solitude in the town of Wish. Fortunately, her granddad, Tangle, is as yet ready to speak with her by sending supportive notes when he can. It appears that somebody has sent Lyra to another measurement, and the main way she can escape is by searching out somebody known as the Clockmaster.

Like past Dream Chronicles games, The Book of Air consolidates point-and-snap experience ongoing interaction with a specific measure of look for and-find. Lyra additionally has a bunch of spells available to her that can be utilized for things like interpreting the pixie language, enlightening dim zones, and in any event, calling down thunder and downpour from the sky. You open these spells by discovering dream gems dispersed all through. The game traverses a few particular zones that can be made a trip to via carrier once you find the right organizes for an area and discover shaded stones to use as fuel.

Perhaps the greatest improvement The Book of Air has over its ancestors is its clue framework. Despite the fact that it’s as yet conceivable to get hung up on a portion of the game’s additionally burdening brainteasers, you’ll no longer wind up adhered attempting to discover things on account of a reviving amplifying glass that can be utilized to uncover an item’s area. You can even utilize it to discover dream gems.

There are additionally two modes: Casual and Challenge. In easygoing mode, the smaller than normal game riddles are somewhat less testing, and you can skip them after a specific measure of time has passed.

Energized successions and profoundly point by point situations make the game simple on the eye, and the character voice-overs and lovely soundtrack balance the high creation esteems that we’ve generally expected from a Dream Chronicles game.

Be that as it may, simultaneously The Book of Air comes up short on a portion of the “amazing” factor of past games in the arrangement. The greater part of the smaller than normal games are minor departure from things we’ve seen many occasions previously: from reassembling pictures, setting gears and decoding letters to a pointless breakdown style puzzle that must be played each time the carrier takes off. The story eventually falls somewhat level also, maybe on the grounds that as opposed to managing intruding pixies and their meddling enchantment, you’re basically scanning for a lot of keys.

The Book of Air is as yet a charming easygoing experience/HOG, however contrasted with the exclusive requirements set by past games in the arrangement, it comes up somewhat short. How about we trust that Lyra’s next experience is a progressively paramount one.