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Blade & Soul

Game Description

Blade and Soul is a 3D dream MMORPG with ongoing battle in a combative techniques setting. Players are relied upon to appropriately time their assaults and chain combos to augment their harm potential. The game additionally offers rich situations and alluring character plans.

Blade and Soul Overview

Blade and Soul is a dream wuxia MMORPG highlighting a scope of hand to hand fighting classes in a lively world. Pick between four races (Gon, Jin, Kun, or Lyn) and 7 combative techniques propelled classes. Modify your character to stand apart from different players through a wide scope of presets and sliders. Investigate a world with exceptional ecological style, overflowing with missions to step up from 1-55+. Drawing in battle requests players fasten aptitudes together to combo rivals into accommodation, a blend of exemplary MMORPG capacities and arcade battling games. Ace your class and enter the field to test your strength in 1v1 or 3v3 battle, where jerk responses secure triumph. Or on the other hand join a warring group and assault adversary players in the open world insofar as you’re wearing a factional outfit.

Blade & Soul Key Features:

Broad Customization – pick between four races and seven classes, and alter your character through a scope of presets and sliders.

Field PvP – battle different players in 1v1 or 3v3 battle where players who ace their class’ abilities leave triumphant.

Account Driven – retaliate for the Hongmoon School through a story driven story, complete with voice-acted NPC’s and garish cinematics.

Connecting with Combat – affix abilities together to enact combos and pulverize adversaries with accuracy.

Corrective Collection – extend your closet with a tremendous choice of gaudy ensembles to wreck adversaries in style.


Gon – Descendants from an antiquated winged serpent, the Gon are a tall, ground-breaking race with gigantic bodies. Class choices incorporate Kung Fu Master and Destroyer.

Jin – The most human-like race, the Jin speak to information and attempt. Conceived of the dark tortoise soul, they are the most flexible race. Accessible classes incorporate Blade Master, Kung Fu Master, and Assassin.

Kun – The Kun typify the magnificence and elegence of the Phoenix. They are a female-just race that esteem craftsmanship and music. Class choices incorporate Blade Master and Force Master.

Lyn – A mouse like race with huge ears and tails. The Lyn have a connect to the soul world because of their association with the Kylin. Accessible classes incorporate Blade Master, Force Master, and Summoner.


Professional killer – Available just to the Jin, Assassins primarily utilize short blades or knifes. They are likewise knowledgeable in the utilization of explosives and traps.

Cutting edge Master – Available to the Jin and Kun races, Blade Masters work in the utilization of blades. Fit for both skirmish and extended hits with their cutting edges, Blade Masters like to repel and counterattack their enemies, as opposed to trade blows head-on.

Destroyer – Only the amazing Gon have the physical solidarity to use the huge hatchet of a Destroyer. They have high safeguard which makes them characteristic tanks in bunch circumstances. Destroyers likewise have various sprinkle assaults, permitting them to take on a few adversaries on the double.

Power Master – The essential casters of Blade and Soul. The Force Master class is accessible to the Kun and Lyn races. Their capacity to assault from a separation is offset with their normally low guard and wellbeing.

Sword Master – Similar to the Blade Master, this class is just accessible to the deft Lyn. Blade Masters have lower wellbeing and safeguard, however higher avoidance. Blade Masters are balanced and can take on an assortment of jobs. Their huge determination of zone of impact (AoE) abilities and convenience make them perfect for novices.

Kung Fu Master – Gon and Jin players who pick this class depend on their clench hands and feet in battle. This priest like class offers numerous combo prospects which makes them fulfilling, yet increasingly hard to play.

Summoner – Only accessible to the Lyn, Summoners are an adaptable class because of their capacity to gather an assortment spirits to their guide. Joining their own ran assaults with the assaults of their sidekicks, Summoners are equipped for battling alone or with gatherings.