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Game Description is a zombie shooter game.

You wind up abandoned in a strange town. Misfortune, it’s tainted with zombies. There’s just a single answer for you… SHOOT’EM ALL!

Fabricate a base or squash the zombies with your vehicle.

Collaborate with your companions or battle different survivors

Open reward, ammo, turrets, landmines…

What’s your high score going to be?


Try not to get excessively near them, or they’ll assault you

On the off chance that you shoot or enter in a vehicle, zombies will hear you and will pursue you

Discover things on the ground or by pulverizing houses

Every 100 zombies executed, you can open a redesign or another structure

On the off chance that your vehicle is trapped, make sure to float (Shift)

Be certain you have enough oil to drive a vehicle

On the off chance that you don’t go for a specific time, zombies will quit pursuing you

Orders – You can change the orders on the Settings Button

Development: W, A, S, D/Z, Q, S, D or Arrow keys

Shoot: Left snap

Spot a structure: Right snap/B

Communicate: SPACE

Run/Drift in vehicle: Shift

Change weapon: Number/Click on it/Mouse Wheel

Change building: Click on it (base right)

You can collaborate with your companions by sharing the connection on the catch “Group with your companions”.

Play on our website. Watch the biggest Hole here