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Game Description is a relentless pixelated first-individual shooter. In this game, players drop into a pixelated world and battle against different players from around the globe. This game can be played calmly to take a break, or genuinely in rivalry against other stalwarts. Gameplay

Join the chaotic and relentless activity in Suggestive of staple FPS games like Counter-Strike, response speed and point are your most noteworthy resource. Move rapidly to sidestep fire and shoot forcefully to bring down your adversary neatly. You can bounce into a game in a split second for sure fire activity, or pick custom game modes in the server menu.


Prior to battling, look over one of 11 distinct classes, similar to analyst, rocketeer, operator, sprinter, Bowman, and tracker. Each class has an alternate style and outfit. Besides, each type has an alternate essential and optional weapon. The triggerman, for instance, conveys an attack rifle and gun. Pick a class that suits your playing style, or ace them all.


Beside the different class types, this game likewise has a scope of great weapons. Browse lethal weapons, for example, an ambush rifle, marksman rifle, shotgun, pistol, or even akimbo uzis. Weapons might be adjusted or have a specific prevailing quality. The expert marksman rifle, for instance, has an extension and high capability for bringing down foes rapidly, yet you should have exact focus on it to be viable.

Guides has a huge choice of guides, made by both the game engineers and fans. Clients can submit map manifestations of their own, which brings about many guides to look over. The imagination of the guide structures is eminent. You can play on anything from rough magma scenes to antiquated Aztec pyramids.

At last, players can follow their scores in the social area, which incorporates leaderboards and different details. Check whether you can increase a spot on the leaderboard today with your FPS gaming abilities.

Discharge Date

Krunker was discharged in June 2018 and is constantly refreshed with new substance.


11 unique classes to suit your playing style

Basic, clear style for clean perceivability

Keeps to the foundations of unique FPS gaming

Many custom servers and guides

Relentless activity with an attention on aptitude

Game Tips

Evaluate different firearms and refine your choice to the ones you play best with

Glance around and clear regions regularly to survey for foe nearness.

Practice a ton! Star FPS abilities don’t come for the time being.

Look at the Krunker Twitch channel for ongoing interaction recordings and gushing.

You can have matches by click Host Game, choosing the guides, classes, and modes that you need, and afterward offering URL or code to your companions.

You can join a particular Krunker game by clicking join and entering the game’s URL or code.

The game has stock for in-your-face fans, discover it here!


Utilize the WASD keys to move

Left snap to shoot

R to reload

C to point/zoom

Space bar to hop

Move to squat

F to shower paint