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Water Wars

Game Description

Water Wars is a wonderful multiplayer transport game in which you should fill in as a feature of a group in an epic catch the banner fight. Safeguard your own water base and penetrate your adversary’s base. Prepare to battle on the untamed oceans. Use technique and cooperation to catch the banner however many occasions as could reasonably be expected and attempt to win in the Water Wars!

Designs and interactivity

The designs of water wars are eminent. The guides look stunning and each group has fight stations that they should protect. The rival group will attempt to catch the banner from your base. You should protect it, however attempt to catch the adversary banner as well.

Your propelled stream ski is furnished with destructive water firearms that fire touchy shots. Utilize these to dispense with your rivals and prevent them from catching your banner. Remember additionally to utilize your stream ski’s lift. This gives you an epic speed burst and permits you to get up to speed or avoid foes.


When playing this water wars game, you can make your own entryway and pick which guides to play. On the other hand, you can join a room that is now open. This permits you to play with companions as well so you can cooperate for no particular reason multiplayer fights.

Discharge Date

April 2019


Martian Games made this game. You can likewise look at their other cool multiplayer games, for example, Air Wars 2 and SocCar!


Catch the-banner interactivity with amazing pontoon fight understanding

3D cool designs

Large lovely water region with islands close by

Two groups: red and blue

Buyable moves up to make your pontoon more grounded

You can play the game in fullscreen for a most extreme encounter


WASD or bolt keys= Drive

Left mouse button = Shoot

Move = Turbo

Space bar = Jump

Esc or ~ = Menu