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Sol Wars

Game Description

Sol Wars is a definitive spaceship fight game in which you are behind the controls of an excessively cool space age aircraft. You and your group of pilots need to go up against the rival group in making sure about the foe groups banner while devastating however many spaceships as would be prudent before the game finishes.

This science fiction flying fighting game permits you to fight against other online players to see who a definitive pilot is, in the event that you need to get some training in, at that point you can likewise play against bots. This is your opportunity to turn into the best pilot in the system! Good karma!


Sol Wars was made by Martian Games, who likewise made multiplayer plane fight game, Air Wars 2 and vehicle fight game in Motor Wars 2.


Science fiction 3D multiplayer catch the-banner fight field

You can play solo against bots

Reasonable 3D illustrations with marvelous impacts

Vitality framework

3 spaceships to utilize


Mouse = Aim/Shoot

W/up bolt = Thrust

S/down bolt = Slow

Promotion or left/right bolt = Strafe

Move = Turbo

C = Cockpit

M = Mute