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Air Wars 3

Game Description

Air Wars 3 is a multiplayer air battle game. The point of the game is to crush your adversaries in an exceptional air fight to take their base. The past game, Air Wars 2, is additionally gigantically mainstream. Take on a seething conflict in the sky and command the leaderboard in this epic 3D battle game.

The most effective method to Play Air Wars

Join a game room of your decision or make your own custom game. Register a free record to spare your advancement. The controls on Air Wars 3 are instinctive and simple to learn, so you can get the chance to fight immediately!

When you realize how to fly, assault foe airplane and catch their banner. There are numerous 3D guides to investigate, vanquish, and command.

Game Progression

Air Wars 3 has various awards to take you from noob to star pilot. There are leaderboards for you to keep tabs on your development. As you play and dominate more matches, you’ll open new airplane. Redesigns like speed and weapon force can be purchased and added to any plane, including the plane you start with.

Flying Games

Flying games are a well known decision at CrazyGames. There are flying games in space, top-down flying games, and games with a variety of various airplane for you to fly. Here are some top proposals:

Fly Rush – fly super-quick and maintain a strategic distance from snags

Sol Wars – airplane fights yet in space!

Air Toons – like Air Wars


Air Wars 3 was created by Martian Games. They have built up various epic 3D games like Tank Off 2, which includes commanding the land in mammoth tanks. They likewise made the pleasant game Kart Wars which includes a comparable catch the banner game mode.


Internet browser


Extraordinary 3D illustrations

Simple to learn controls

No requirement for a record to play

Open new planes as you dominate more matches

Redesign your planes to get a bit of leeway


  • Mouse = aim/shoot
  • C or right mouse button = cockpit view
  • W or up arrow= boost speed
  • AD or left and right arrows = turn
  • S = slow down
  • Esc = menu
  • P = toggle advanced graphics