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Royal City Clashers

Game Description

Regal City has been taken over by Billy. Max must battle his way to “The Real Billy” to stop the malicious Billy takeover. Get weapons in stages to expand harm and range. Gather food to mend. Raise your score by whipping Billy’s or gathering food. Reclaim the avenues of Royal City single player or with a companion in 2 player center!

Player 1 Keyboard Controls:

[W][A][S][D] – Move

[Space] or [Z] – Attack/Pickup

Player 2 Keyboard Controls:

[Left] [Up] [Right] [Down] – Move

[R CTRL] or [M] – Attack/Pickup

Player 1 and 2 Touch Controls:

Use onscreen contact cushion and fastens. Check alternatives for D-cushion or Joystick controls.