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12 MiniBattles

Game Description

A ton of games like Golf, Wrestle, Ax Battle, Football, Duels, Soccer Physics, Mace Battle anticipate you within just one game. The thing what you have to do in Golf match-up put the ball to the opening in the screen for multiple times. In Ax Battle, Mace Battle and Duels, you should hit your adversary with the weapon you have for multiple times. A portion of the these duels will occur in wild west, some of them will occur in antiquated occasions with Vikings and some of them will occur in middle age with macemen or bowmen. You should gather the entirety of the munitions noticeable all around before your adversary does and devastates you in the fight which you will do against your companion.

In the copter mission, you should spare 5 individuals from the island and you should take them to your region. The person who spares 5 individuals first, dominates the game. The person who scores 5 in Soccer Physics or Golll named games, dominates the game. In Wrestle game, you ought to mastermind your parity well and you should make your rival fall his/her back and by along these lines you should win the battle by 3 score.

Prepare to begin excessively two player games with your companion. Call your companion now and let the too fun and turbulent games start for you!


Player 1: “A”

Player 2: “L”

You can control the game by contact controls on cell phones.

Good karma!